Ten-year-old Nash with his new engineering learning laboratory. Play the video for an intro to Project Z ICT!

Nash is a ten-year-old kid in Wichita, Kansas who wants to someday be an aerospace engineer. He’s sure in the right town for it, with WSU/NIAR and many aircraft manufacturers still giving Wichita bragging rights as Air Capital of the World — but he is ready to get started learning some mechanical basics right now.

Toward that end, a family friend recently sold Nash a long-dormant 1974 Datsun 260Z 2+2 automobile, complete with extra bits and bobs — for the bargain price of only $500. The car had not been run in seven years, but with help from Dad and little brother Moses, Nash is already learning a lot and the car is starting to come back to life!

As we work on Project Z, we are shooting video and uploading chapters of our progress to Nash’s Ox Garage YouTube channel, which you can follow by clicking the image below.


Nash and his brother are running lemonade stands and doing other work around the neighborhood to help pay for necessary parts and equipment involved in this project — but some of those things don’t come cheap, and they could sure use your help toward that end. If you would like to support Project Z ICT, please click on the logo of the payment system of your choice below and send any amount you wish. Every penny will be most appreciated, and will go toward returning this classic automobile to street service.

In the meantime, we hope you will follow along on YouTube as we move forward, tackling one challenge after another, having fun as a family and learning a lot along the way. Maybe you will too!

Thanks very much for your consideration.

Your pals,
Nash, Dad & Moses